Hello! Welcome to Holy Joke

Welcome to Holy Joke

Having a faith is a serious business - but that doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time!

If you don't have a sense of humour, that's fine. But this site will offer you nothing. Please surf somewhere else on the net.

If you do have a sense of humour then I hope the jokes here will entertain you. I have done my best to avoid bad taste, but occasionally you need to be able to laugh at yourself!

You are welcome (and encouraged!) to submit jokes for this page, but I am the final arbiter of what gets in.

This is how I decide what goes in

  • I come from a Christian background. I know that generally speaking Christians and Jews can laugh at themselves. I'm not sure about other religions — I know that some can be very sensitive. So these are mainly Christian and Jewish jokes
  • I will not condone blasphemy
  • I will not include anything of an 'adult' nature
  • I will not accept anything which in my view seriously slags off any faith

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